Right of revocation

The customer has the right to declare the revocation of his contractual statement within 14 days. The revocation does not have to contain any grounds.

The revocation period of 14 days commences the day the customer or a known third party, who is not the carrier, receives the merchandise.

To declare revocation the customer must send an explicit declaration to Siloking (SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH, Kehlsteinstr. 4, 84529 Tittmoning, Germany, Fax +49 8683 8984-49, mayer@siloking.com) in text form.

To comply with the revocation period it is sufficient that the customer dispatches the notification of exercising his right of revocation within the revocation period. The customer can optionally use the attached specimen for his revocation.

Consequences of revocation

If customer revokes this contract SILOKING has the duty to reimburse all payments received from the customer including delivery costs (excluding additional costs resulting from the customer choosing another term of delivery which is not specified by SILOKING as the standard term of delivery) within 14 days after receiving the notification of revocation of this contract. SILOKING uses the same method of payment for the reimbursement that was used by the customer for the original transaction except from explicitly agreed on another method of payment with the customer; in no case SILOKING will charge any fees resulting from the return. SILOKING can refuse the reimbursement until SILOKING has received the returned goods or the customer has provided the confirmation of return, depending on which incidence occurs first.

The customer is obliged to return the goods at latest within 14 days commencing the day of notification of revocation to SILOKING by the customer. The goods shall be returned to SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH, Kehlsteinstr. 4, 84529 Tittmoning, Germany. The grace period is adhered if customer sends goods within the grace period of 14 days.

SILOKING bears the direct costs of the return.

The customer will only be responsible for loss in value of the goods if the loss in value results from inappropriate handling while inspecting condition, characteristics and functionality.

Specimen for revocation

SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH


Kehlsteinstr. 4

84529 Tittmoning


Telefax: +49 8683 8984-49

E-Mail: mayer@siloking.com

I / we declare the revocation of the contractual statement for the delivery of following items:


Ordered on………………/ delivered on……………………..

Customer’s name…………………

Customer’s address…………………